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Hello everyone! My birthday is coming soon and I decided to share with you some of the pieces I have on my wishlist. What do you think?


Olá! O meu aniversário é já na próxima semana e por isso decidi partilhar convosco algumas das coisinhas que fazem parte da minha wishlist! O que vos parece? 



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De geri a 07.02.2016 às 21:10

happy early birthday. I really hope you get those lippies from mac and that zara bag. very cute items on your wishlist.

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De COCOOLOOK a 07.02.2016 às 19:20

El bolso y las deportivas me han encantado!!!!
Un beso
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De Dora a 07.02.2016 às 18:43

Gonna add this zara bag on my list too!!
Hope you have an amazing day on your birthday!
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De Nati a 07.02.2016 às 18:31

This Zara bag is really pretty. Could be on my wishlist too (:
Nati xx
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De Missy May a 07.02.2016 às 18:03

Hope you get em all. Love that sexy lipstick!
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De Emma a 07.02.2016 às 17:29

Nice post!
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De Maise a 07.02.2016 às 16:26

lovely post you blog
I Have an wonderful sunglasses for giveaway on my blog honey,, will be so happy if you can participe...
thank you and have a nice week
..kiss from MM
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De Gabrielle a 07.02.2016 às 15:41

You can never have too many MAC lipsticks (though I still haven't got around to starting my own collection! haha) and I love the Zara bag. Great choices - and Happy Birthday in advance!
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De Imperfect woman a 07.02.2016 às 11:26

Great post !! I love new balance !! Michaela
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De M a 06.02.2016 às 22:55

Fab wishlist!

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